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Norbert de Paris
sapeur jaune
La classe
Sape femme
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SAPE society of ambiance maker and elegant people an abbreviation based on the french phrase "Société des Ambianceurs et des Personnes Élégantes and hinting to the French slang word sape which means "attire" .La sape is not only about clothes because it all started as anti colonial movement with revolutionist and military/politician  Andre Matswa (matsoua) it was a way to claim Equality and respect from one human to another.The organization mainly helped Africans new to Paris get settled in the city because they were not welcomed by French, facing Racism, imprisonment and deportation.

Congolese dandies living in Paris and other European cities were only deemed sapeur once they returned to Brazzaville in the summer to showcase their style before the mid-1990s.

around 1945 This movement became a distinctly ethnic Bakongo and Balari one characterized by potent political symbolism and ideology that would manifest in postcolonial era.

nowadays sapologie as became a part of congolese culture it bring people togheter in a friendly environment of celebration. 

being a sapeur is an art taken very seriously with rules of gentlemen ideology.

its about self respect first and others. coordination fabric of colors and patterns 

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