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our Queen

Maevas Ikeas 

         In 2016 Maevas Ikeas competed  in the beauty pageant Miss Congo Brazza USA. she fought among other beautiful young lady for  the title but it was for her dedication, creativity and pageantry past experience that help her trough her journey. After several hours of competition she was crowned a front of a public and Jury the first Miss Congo Brazza of united states.

Beauty Ambassador Maevas Ikeas was born in Congo in the capital city of Brazzaville yet she did most years in France.

at the age of 21 she moved to the united states to pursuit her education.

Majoring in international Relation  she became the secretary of  a student club called  "Global student association". meanwhile with a busy schedule of School, club and work she find time to excel her passion in pageantry. 

"I believe that beauty pageants gives us young women a platform to foray in the fields that we want to. It gives us a platform to voice our choices and opinions, makes us independent, strong that we are today. Beauty pageants is not always just about the beauty but the beauty with purpose".

she wants to bring awareness on Education specially for orphans.

her message of encouragement is to never give up in dreams no matter how hard it's keep on fighting.

Meet the Runner-up

Francia Tsoni

2016 2nd runner 

Prechina Ngoma 

2016 1st runner 

         Meet the beautiful, smart and ambitious  Francia Tsoni.

At the age of 16 Francia became a part of  NAM family with the title of  2nd runner- up for the city of Rochester. even tho she started modeling at a very young age her true vocation is into medecine she would like to become a dermatologist.Francia tsoni is aslso a part of humanitarian of "le coeur sur la main" she contribute with humble actions for childreen in the congo brazaville . After competing in MCBU (Miss congo brazza usa) she also stood up to Actual President Trump with an article on the huffington Post among other activist  with a serious message of non tolerance to sexism and respect of women, (article link will be posted below). She is currently filming with MinaTv  as a part of the cast of the African millennials... 

she as more upcoming project and continue to make MBCU cummunity proud.

Miss Africa republic of congo
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